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Retained Services with a Guaranteed amount of leads per month.

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Everyone knows how time consuming the recruiting process can take. It is a full time job to say the least. Finding the ones that are open minded, wining, dining, and dating each candidate until they see the value your firm brings to the table. A full candidate pipeline is key to continuous growth.  The process all starts by building relationships, laying the foundation, and showing them the value your firm can offer.

 Let ARS do what we do best, so you can do what you do best. We will make hundreds of dials and speak to hundreds of candidates to weed out the non-interested and identify the needles in the haystack that are open minded to learning more about your firm. We’ll help you find them and then you take it from there. Don’t let the word “Retained” scare you anymore. We guarantee a specific amount of leads per month so you know what to except each month. No more wonder or worry how the calling campaign is going to turn out. We took the mystery out of it. Choose 6,8,12, or 16 leads per month. Its as simply as that. We will dedicate and unlimited amount of time and calls to meet that requirement.


Alternative Recruiting Services is a cost effective, alternative approach to Contingent based Recruiting. Our Retained service offers guaranteed lead generation to help you fill your candidate pipeline. Building the relationship and planting the seed is crucial in the recruiting process.
ARS has solely Specialized in the Insurance and Financial Services industry for the past 18 years. This cost effective option will save you time and money by putting you in front of qualified candidates that have expressed an interest in learning more about your opportunity. Choose from 6,8,12, or 16 leads and keep you or your Recruiter busy on a monthly basis.

CPA Leads/Acquisition

Are you looking for an effective way to get more leads for your Financial Services practice? Partner with a CPA and share in referrals. With so many Financial Advisors and CPA’s partnering and Aligning these days it only makes sense to jump on the band wagon. ARS can help open the door of communication between you and local CPA’s. We will reach out to the local CPA’s and gauge their level of interest in learning more about the benefits of partnering with a Financial Advisor. We will prescreen them and schedule a time for you to speak with them directly.

Practice Acquisition

If you are in the market to enhance your AUM, ARS is a great resource to help you find individuals or practices that are looking to sell. ARS can provide you with leads that are interested in selling either now or in the near future. "We have exponentially helped endless firms grow by acquiring assets". If you are looking to either buy or sell your AUM or Practice, ARS can assist you in the process.

Seminar Support

Are you hosting a seminar in your area? We all know how expensive hosting a seminar can be. There is nothing worse than going through the process of hosting a seminar and not having enough people show up to it. ARS can become a resource and follow up with all the people you invited with a friendly phone call and drive attendance to your seminar. We will call them all and confirm they received the invite and give them selling points about why they should attend. Then we will confirm their attendance. We will make one more final call to all the attending the day prior to the event and give them a friendly reminder. We have a great track record of helping drive attendance to these seminars. We truly understand why it is so important to get these people to show up. Most of the invites never land in their hands to begin with, so a friendly follow up call is always a good idea.

Succession Planning

Are you nearing retirement or thinking about selling your practice and just don’t know where to start when looking for the right person to take over your life long legacy? Don’t worry ARS has got you covered. This is one of our most popular searches. Call Dana for more information to learn how we can help get you in front of individuals who are in a position to help plan your future exit strategy or purchase your practice.

Build Your Own

ARS has done almost every kind of phone assignment possible. If we have not mentioned something you need help with, it does not mean we cannot handle the challenge. All we need is a list and a pitch and we are good to go. You name it, we can handle it. Let Dana know how we can help you and we will build it together.

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